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Short Video Above Offers a Peak into Stokes' Aseptic Processing Area

Sterile injection vials are being processed under ISO 5 conditions in our clean room

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Learn about the Difference Between 503A and 503B!

Read our article published in Veterinary Practice News, April 2019 Edition


  • Stokes, founded in 1975, has earned registration from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a 503B Outsourcing Facility which will operate under the name “Stokes Healthcare, Inc.” 


  • Stokes is qualified to produce medication under FDA 503B registration for use by doctors and veterinarians in their hospital/office.


  • To be registered as a 503B outsourcing facility by the FDA, a pharmacy must meet stringent rules and regulations to ensure the consistent quality and integrity of its compounded medications from batch to batch.

  • Referred to as current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), these rules and regulations are the same as those followed by the traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


  • FDA Commissioner has stated that all hospitals should order compounded medication from a FDA 503B Registered Outsourcing Facility. Connecticut is the first state that is requiring this in the context of veterinary medicine. It is expected that many other states will follow suit. Read more here.


  • 503B registration ensures a level of precision that translates into consistent concentrations of medication in every batch, reliable sterility and purity, which leads to optimal patient outcomes.

  • Hospitals that purchase compounded medications from a 503B manufacturer working under FDA oversight can significantly decrease their liability.


  • All 50 states allow practices unlimited administration of drugs from a 503B outsourcing facility. This helps ensure that animal hospitals have the supply they need in the face of shortages or emergency situations and deliver the best possible care.

Melissa King, PharmD

Director of Operations

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Learn More: Read our white paper on 

The Importance of cGMP (503B) Compounded Drugs.

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 ©Stokes Healthcare 2019

 ©Stokes Healthcare 2019

 ©Stokes Healthcare 2019

100% visual inspection by a quality control technician

Stokes' tablet press machine

Aseptically processes sterile ophthalmics under ISO 5 conditions in our cleanroom

Control panel (left) continuously monitors temperature, pressure and humidity in every lab


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